HighRes Labs is an Oklahoma based lab testing facility that provides CBD, Hemp, Medical Cannabis compliance testing required by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority under Oklahoma State Department of Health and environmental chemistry analysis. As a CBD, Hemp and Medical Cannabis testing facility, our goals are to provide consistent lab services with accuracy, speed, and integrity. As an environmental chemistry testing facility, we provide water and produced water analysis, water activity and moisture content measurement.

Accuracy | Speed | Integrity


We are implementing leading edge technologies to guide your samples through the testing workflow and record and report accurate results. Our objective is to optimize the laboratory process and eliminate human error.


The latest equipment will be utilized to provide the most accurate possible results each and every time. Our dedication to precision and the maintenance and calibration of our equipment will be unmatched in the region.

Client Service

Service is our strength, and we will ask for continuous feedback on our friendliness, responsiveness, and ability to answer our clients questions. Our goal is to become a trusted partner in your business.


As good stewards of the planet, we will maintain a responsible attitude regarding our environment and take action to minimize our carbon footprint. Waste and pollutants will be collected to be properly disposed, and emissions will be monitored and minimized.